Automotive Films for Cooling & Protection

Our automotive window films are engineered to enhance your vehicle’s appearance, provide the performance you demand, and protect your investment. Known for their quality, color stability, and patented scratch-resistant coating, LLumar films are durable and virtually maintenance free.

Benefits/Features include

  • Keep your car’s interior cool & comfortable
  • Protection from infrared and ultraviolet rays
  • Security film holds shattered glass in place
  • Preserve your vehicle’s good looks without changing its appearance

Architectural & Solar Films Crafted To Blend

Your home is your largest investment. LLumar can help you protect that investment by giving you control over the things that matter most. Professionally installed LLumar window film will greatly enhance the energy efficiency, look, and functionality of your windows.

This translates into lower utility bills, improved comfort, added privacy, and greater protection against the unexpected. Your creativity knows no bounds. So we’ll give you a toolbox of LLumar window films to work with. Create private interior work environments using frosts, patterns and textures. Control light coming into a building for a more productive work environment.

  • Solar Control Window Films
  • Energy Savings Window Films
  • Safety Window Films
  • Decorative Window Films
  • Tax Credits and Utility Rebates
  • How Architectural Window Film Works

Safety and Security Film

Installing LLumar Safety and Security window film will protect people and objects from shards of glass if the glass is ever broken. This means that glass once installed can later be upgraded by installing LLumar safety and security film to meet legal standards that apply under a majority of building codes worldwide i.e EN120 600 (for instance in schools and day care centres, sports facilities and public buildings)

LLumar safety films considerably increase the resistance to break ins, vandalism and explosion shock waves. They are categorized as defined laminated safety glass types (EN356, GSA level2) When used on vehicles, the film makes the breaking of car windows very difficult and even when the glass breaks the film holds the shattered glass together and can thus protect the occupants of your car in the unfortunate case of an accident.