Sunguard Ghana Limited was formed in 2004 to represent CPFilms Inc. of USA in Ghana distributing and installing LLumar Glass Treatment films.


To be able to represent CPFilms properly and adequately, we trained a qualified mechanical engineer at the CPFilms training facility in Miami, USA to train our professional installers on his return to Ghana.

We have since trained a number of professional installers who have being installing glass treatment film for our clients.


LLumar® films are warranted for a period of years (see attached) from the date of installation when properly installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions on suitable interior glass surfaces by a duly authorized and trained Llumar® dealer. Llumar® film will maintain its properties without crazing, cracking, peeling, blistering, bubbling, or delaminating from the glass. If the film fails to comply under recommended use and maintenance within the warranty period, CPFilms Inc. will credit the Distributor or provide replacement film to the Distributor at the Manufacturer’s option equivalent to original FOB cost of the film plus 15% to cover freight, duty, handling, etc.

Excellent Customer Service Support

Our marketing team would always be available to come to you to discuss your needs and come up with the best solution to the problem you are facing. They would take you through all the benefits of our wide range of films and ensure that you get complete satisfaction from our products. LLumar films are warranted for periods ranging from one and a half years to ten years for films professionally installed by our highly trained installers. LLumar film will maintain its properties throughout the warranty period without crazing, cracking, peeling, blistering, bubbling or delaminating from the glass it is installed on

Professional & Highly Trained Staff

We have a team of well trained professional installers whose various backgrounds combine to make an excellent team. Our technical manager is a qualified Mechanical Engineer who has being trained at the CPFilms facility in Miami, USA thus affording our company the ability to give factory backed warranty for all our supplied films and installations. He is in charge of our quality control and has imparted his factory training to our team of installers who continuously have bi-annual refresher courses on new developments in the industry.